Who we are

Sandra Beck is the host of three of the most popular internet based radio shows on the web today. She found out that publishing houses do not have budgets, effective programs and delivery methods to promote materials and after choosing to sell out of her completed manuscript with Atria Books, she embarked on a campaign to promote her own materials, books and ideas.

What resulted what three internet radio shows with almost 6 million downloads monthly and an online magazine with thousands of monthly readers.  When the numbers hit the sponsors lined up – big ones  – but the issue she faced was her own integrity.  A graduate of Northwestern’s Journalism and Master’s in Advertising program at Medill, she learned early on that your work, your integrity, your ethics and your honor were everything.  She turned down three national sponsors because they wanted to choose the guests, they wanted to change her format, they wanted to advertise their products and services that included many she did not support.

Sandra Beck has chosen to not participate in advertising  and marketing to children. After living through a personal tragedy with drunk driving and lung cancer, she has chosen to not participate in advertising or marketing of alcohol or cigarettes.  She lost her mother from breast cancer largely due to environmental toxins and our food supply and thus will not promote items that affect our health, well being and vitality. A sponsor told her recently, “If you don’t want to advertise the majority of our products, and you won’t let us select your guests and content what do you expect us to do?”

Sandra Beck told them to find someone else.  She started selling packages that promoted guests honestly, fairly, effectively and allowed her to remain in control of the advertising, marketing subject matter and guests.  She thought if she can get 5 million people to listen to these shows every month, what does she need large national sponsors for other than to make a lot of money? She wants to make enough money to support her two young sons and her lifestyle, but has no desire for outstanding wealth.

“Making a lot of money,” Sandra Beck says, “cannot be at the expense of health, environment and personal ethics.”

In a country that determines success by a paycheck, Sandra Beck determines it by a different set of numbers.

“People listen to our shows,” she says, “they write to us, they ask us questions, they buy information from us and our guests that can be trusted.”

If you want to know more about Sandra Beck and her philosophy simply write to her directly at sandrabeck2@aol.com.