Beck Multimedia stands for honor, respect, integrity and service. We believe that together we can make a difference – that our differing beliefs and ideas make us stronger.

As a media company, we feel it is our duty to present multiple sides of an issue for greater understanding, greater community and greater growth. Propaganda and hate speech have no place here.  We recognize that not all shows represent all agents of our company, but we support and recognize their right to free speech.

We support those who protect and defend our freedoms – particularly our freedom of speech, our freedom to inspire and enact change and our freedom to dissent respectfully and without malice or harmful intent for the greater good.

We recognize the great cost for our ability to be women-owned and women-operated Beck Multimedia paid by our service men and women- past, present and future, and their loved ones.  We are eternally grateful for that freedom and put it to good use.