What we do

Beck MultiMedia gets results for your business integrating social media with internet radio blogging, online magazines.  Cost, effectiveness, reach and return are all considerations with respect to the marketing of your product and service.  Internet Brand Strategies deliver results. We execute in the following genres: self-help, spirituality, personal growth, health, and wellness.

One of the hardest things in the publishing industry for new authors is to get interviews, build a following, establish themselves as a professional or expert online.  Having this in place allows publishers, agents and editors to have reasonable confidence that a well written book will sell because of a built-in market.  Publicists use traditional methods of delivering the author, coach and speaker’s content to the public. We specialize in getting your items in the search engines.

Now just because you are found in the search engines, doesn’t mean people are looking for you. That’s where on-line magazines and internet radio comes into play.  By providing an inexpensive, effective multimedia campaign for authors, coaches and speakers to place themselves strategically on the internet, books can sell, workshops can fill up and if the client delivers an excellent product to the end user momentum begins to grow.

What we do allows you to target your market specifically through traditional demographics and psychographics. It allows you to geographically located your clients, customers and consumers with precision and specific messages.  It allows you to drive the right kind of person to your website or webpage to purchase your products and service.

Most importantly in this challenging economy its far more effective and exponentially less costly than terrestrial radio, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, blogging and the million other opportunities out there for advertising that require a sophisticated knowledge of the internet global media in order to drive your internet business.

An internet business is vastly different than a traditional brick and mortar business, though many of the core philosophies and strategies remain the same.  However, the execution of these items are profoundly different on the Internet.

Got your interest? Want to know more? Contact Beck MultiMedia at 310-424-5324 to find out when, where, how much, what you need to do, what we need to do so we can all make the money, live the life and reach the dreams we were all put here to achieve.