What People are Saying

You have to meet Sandra Beck to really experience what she can do for you and your company. She is funny, irreverent but with a rapier wit and intelligence that will disarm even the most doubting Thomas. You know once she takes on your job that results come crashing through the door, not in on silent cat feet.  All the while she will take full responsibility for any issues and credit everyone else for her success. She’s simply amazing. We love her and will hire her over and over again even though she’s told our curmudgeonly CEO to “chillax!”

K.P. London, England


Sandra Beck is the first in a new generation of cutting-edge business leaders who has the brass to leave the tired, old ways of doing business behind and instead create exciting new potentials and opportunities that are innovative and ingenious!  Using her intelligence, wit, and compassion, her presence is engaging as well as highly influential.  This combination of sharp intelligence and heart, commitment and determination, creativity and ingenuity make her one of the freshest and most refreshing business leaders on the horizon today.  She is unusual in that she will work equally as hard for profit or for charity.  She is an empowered and potent leader with an exciting future ahead of her.

S.H., Denver, Colorado

What a treasure we have found in Sandra Beck.  She is impressive in her understanding and use of web technology, tools and strategy. She is an asset to any company who hires her. We fully recommend her strategies even though many times we weren’t sure exactly what she was doing with the technology. Suffice it to say her results were unbelievalbe.

D.B. Ottawa, Canada

I have spent a large amount of my time working with her over the past year. In this time, I have seen her display amazing leadership skills, bring many real estate agents up several levels with her coaching skills, and give all of her heart into raising money and working with children’s charities. She is a wealth of business and real estate knowledge, and as a public speaker, inspires thousands with her unmistakable passion. Coming from a small town, she strongly believes that with the right tools and guidance, anyone can break free from any “supposed” barriers that they feel keep them from becoming who and what they want to be. She is an amazing woman who has overcome extreme obstacles to get where she is today, and holds great significance in the dynamic business world.

P.T., Miami, Florida

Sandra Beck is nothing short of amazing. She has motivated and empowered me through her coaching. Assisting me in moving away from burn out to balance and abundance in my life. So much so that I am telling all my associates, friends and family about her. She has been a pleasure to work with as a business associate, consistent, reliable, smart, smart smart and funny as hell! Hearing from Sandra always puts sunshine in my day. I have tremendous respect and admiration for this woman.

W.D., Montreal, Canada

Sandra Beck is a joy to work with and has a wonderful ability to teach, train and coach in a way that uplifts and inspires my business to be its best.  Her greatest quality is to translate difficult businesses tasks or concepts into a process that is easy to deliver and implement.  Sandra’s uplifting way of working with my organization has inspired my staff in creating new programs and is always available for those many detail questions with an innovative answer that is directly impacting our growth.  Sandra is one of those organizational assists that we would like to duplicate to have with us at every turn of our business journey.

B.A., Taos, New Mexico

Sandra’s considerable talents are very impressive; she is professional and creative as well as adept in understanding how to take one’s business to the next level. She understands both the transaction details as well as the psychology behind motivating and guiding people to reach their potential.  She is enthusiastic, intelligent, direct and highly skilled. Coaching from Sandra helps you to truly think outside the box and understand how and why things have worked for other successful agents.

L.K., Beverly Hills, California

Having worked closely with Sandra Beck on various charities for the last seven years, I feel uniquely qualified to share a few of her strengths. She leads her staff in such a manner that each person is always well placed. Sandra does not turn away from advice or guidance; she takes each experience as an opportunity to learn and make the program the better for it. She loves, learns, and lives for all and seeks to make each new endeavor a success.

T.Y., Chicago, Illinois

Sandra Beck is as funny and she is knowledgable about the Internet. We had her at our event after hearing her on the radio and found her witty, wonderful, engaging and we all walked away learning more about the Internet than we ever expected to. Everyone enjoyed her both during and after the event.

B.Y., Salt Lake City, Utah

We hired Sandra Beck to take our product and develop it on the net.  Within one year we have had to expand our delivery systems, add functionality to our shopping carts due to the increased traffic and business to our sites.  Sandra Beck is a genius with her combination of marketing, internet knowledge and website strategy.  She is also very easy to work with and helpful.

G.L. Santa Barbara, CA

When we called Sandra Beck we were unsure about putting our product on the web. Sandra Beck walked us through the process every step of the way and we felt guided, confident and supported through a process that was historically overwhelming for us.  She created an outstanding web strategy for us and executed it flawlessly.  We have more than doubled our income in the past four years and will continue to use her to advise us on our growth path.  Sandra Beck is as kind as she is intelligent and we have a very successful practice largely in part to her knowledge and support.

C.H., New York City, NY

Honor, Integrity, Knowledge, Care are just four words to describe Sandra Beck.  We had a disaster on our hands when our web person disappeared leaving us a tangled web of files and internet products.  Sandra Beck figured it out, set us on a course of action and put together a program for us that has driven business to our site ever since.  She is a partner in our business in every sense of the word.  We thank her everyday for her efforts.

J.K., San Francisco, CA

We have found the Internet Strategy developed by Sandra Beck that works in accordance with her Social Media Strategy to be simply fantastic. Hire her.

J.V, Vancouver, Canada

We were completely overwhelmed by our website.  We didn’t know where to turn and Sandra Beck was there to help. She walked us through an easy to follow strategy and created the items we needed to grow our business.

G.M., Dallas, Texas

When you first meet Sandra Beck she is not your usual internet expert.  She is funny, charming, down to earth and a blue-eyed blond that belongs more on the beach than behind a computer screen.  But don’t let looks fool you – behind that face is a smart, savvy and highly successful business woman whose keen eye for development is apparent from the minute she opens her mouth.  One thing most people won’t tell you is that you will have a lot of fun with her as you take your concept from a kernel to a full involved field to harvest.  She’s awesome!

E.S., Seattle, Washington

I was quite surprised after working with Sandra Beck to see results so quickly. Not only were we found fantastically high in the search engine runs, but our product proliferated about the web in record time.  We own a lot to Sandra Beck for our smashing success.

L.L., London, England