Shopping Tips

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Plan your shopping to save fuel and time. Do all your errands in one trip. If necessary, write out your errands so you won’t forget the drug store or the bank and be forced to go back out again.

Plan your shopping list to avoid buying on impulse. If you shop at the same store regularly, make a note of which aisles carry which items. Be determined to stick to your list no matter what.

Keep a “diary” of products you buy often and which stores have the best prices and brands. If you can get your toilet paper and shampoo for the same price at the grocery store as you do the pharmacy, why make two trips? If you know that Store X always has a good deal on whole chickens and can save you a few dollars per pound, then you know where to buy them.

Instead of ending up with many plastic bags, bring your own shopping bag to hold smaller items. This eliminates unnecessary consumption and reduces waste. Some stores even give you a small credit for re-used plastic bags.

Select product with less packaging. More packaging means more solid wastes. So, instead of getting those small packages of chips and snacks, get a bigger bag and divide it up yourself.

Buy second-hand goods, such as books, furniture, cooking utensils, etc.

Purchase regularly used household items in bulk. By shopping monthly, quarterly, or yearly at discounted wholesale locations for toilet paper, paper towels, etc, you save not only money, but time.

Sometimes coupons are a good deal, but usually not. If you’re purchasing something you don’t need or won’t use simply because you have a coupon, you’ve defeated the purpose. Consider buying store brands. Or, make sure you shop at stores that double coupons; make a note of which days they do this, if necessary, and shop there for those items on that day.

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