Safety Tips

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Keep medicines and cleaning products in containers with safety caps and locked away from children. To children, pills look like candy, cleaning and automotive products look like juice. Don’t assume that they know these thing are off-limits. Other items such as matches, flame starters (for candles), knives, razors, batteries, and anything else harmful should be kept out of sight or locked in a drawer.

If your home has peeling paint anywhere, fix this immediately. Children put anything and everything in their mouths, and paint chips are often eaten by ones crawling around on the floors. In older home especially this needs to be taken care of, as the pain may contain lead.

In some areas, it’s illegal to smoke in a car when there’s a child present, and for good reason. Secondhand smoke is being proven to be almost as harmful as the actual smoking itself. If you smoke, quit. If you choose not to, then take it outside, and refuse to light up in your child’s presence.

Always check bath water temperature with your wrist or elbow before putting your baby in to bathe. Don’t use your hand, which isn’t as sensitive to the water.

Infants and babies should never be left alone, especially near the bathtub, swimming pool, or any body of water, and anywhere they might fall from, such as a highchair or other furniture.

Children and babies especially are more sensitive to the elements than adults. If you’re a bit chilly, your baby is probably very cold. If the sun is a bit bright, your baby could actually get a sunburn. Always cover them with a blanket or sun bonnet or other protective items.

Protect your children from strangers. Explain what a “stranger” is, and make sure they understand this includes anyone they could meet online.

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