Quick Housecleaning Tips

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Prevention is the key. If you don’t make a mess, you don’t have one to clean up. Use coasters, and leave your shoes at the door. If you have pets, give them a bath once a month and keep them in a designated area – don’t allow them on furniture or beds. Give your dog a mat or cushion to sleep on.

Try to put things where they belong right away so as to avoid handling objects twice and doing twice the work. For example, don’t pile mail on the table to look at later. Keep an “in box” for bills, etc., and toss the junk mail immediately. Resist the temptation to keep it around to scan through later – you know it’s junk so just toss it.

If you have a dishwasher, put your dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher. Storing them in the sink adds an unnecessary step to doing dishes. When you run the dishwasher, try to empty it right away – don’t leave dishes overnight or “live out of” the dishwasher.

While cooking, clean as you go. If you are waiting for something to simmer, clean out the bowl you just used to mix it up. Take a quick second to sponge off the chopping knife or cutting board you just used. By doing these little things as you prepare meals, you’ll feel much less overwhelmed when it’s time to clean up after eating.

Always straighten the shower curtain to avoid mold. Run the bathroom fan after a shower, even if it wasn’t particularly steamy. This will take out a lot of moisture in the air and also cut down on mold.

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