Quick Housecleaning Tips 2

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Fold laundry and put it away immediately. Don’t let it sit in baskets for days or weeks. Remember, folding clothes doesn’t need to be an art form, they don’t need to look like what they do in clothing stores. Just make sure they’re neat and easy to find in their drawers – avoid trying to get the creases “just right,” or trying to make everything look pretty.

Use the right solutions, and let them do the work. If you spray down your bathtub with cleanser, let it sit for several minutes; this will eliminate some of the scrubbing you’ll need to do. When cleaning the inside of the oven, do the same – spray the cleanser and let it sit for as long as the label instructs.

Use a mop with a removable head (not a sponge mop) so that you can toss it in the washer and have a clean mop head every time.

Get clutter free. Never hesitate to toss things out! Old magazines, clothes you haven’t worn in years and know that you’ll never wear again, broken appliances you know you’ll never fix – they’re not adding anything to your life, are becoming a distraction, and just mean more work when it’s time to clean.

Use music to perk you up when it’s time to clean. Don’t choose those slow love songs; use something lively and upbeat.

Put all your cleaning supplies in a large bucket to take with you from room to room; this avoids the unnecessary trips back and forth to the laundry room or closet for supplies.

Get help! If there are others living and breathing in the house with you, get them to help. Assign chores, and rotate them. Make sure they’re age-appropriate; your six-year-old probably can’t handle scrubbing the bathtub and shouldn’t be cutting the grass, but can be taught to pick up toys and even dust certain areas. Older children can certainly do laundry, make beds, yard work, and so on.

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