Unwanted symptoms, like those of menopause, are a total bitch. I hated them when they began, and until I figured it out, I hated even worse my inability at the time, to deal with them for good.

When I was healing from the pain of a broken back, paralyzed and bedridden the entire decade of my thirties, it took me nine years to regain my mobility.

Nine years! Yet, this period gave me some of the most powerful symptom banishing and personal change tools in my toolkit.

I’m glad I had that injury then, because as I’ve gotten older (it could just be a limiting belief, but) I’ve observed it’s taking me and most of my clients, and maybe you too, longer to heal.

One of my clients nailed it when she said that ageing is like playing “whack a mole” with new symptoms popping up all the time.

Just as soon as I’d get one symptom dealt with, two more of the little buggers popped up to take its place!

Doctors just kept telling me “Get over it, it’s just menopause. You’re just that age, you have to expect this kind of thing.”

And that pissed me off something fierce.


Quite apart from the medical people who were supposed to help, trivializing my concerns, here I was – a respected energy psychologist and author of the book on Everyday Bliss, with a reputation for developing fast-acting healing processes, and I couldn’t even help myself.

I would be completely laid out by a hot flash, end up red-faced, ripping off clothes in a Very Public Place.

Or talking to a colleague and suddenly forgetting the name of the healing method she developed, or her eldest child’s name or something else important. (and was my face red then, too!)

That was before I discovered a few of the keys I was missing to getting rid of the symptoms I disliked forever.


And then…the Dalai Lama spoke.


One day in 2010 during the Vancouver Peace Summit, the internet was suddenly flooded with the meme poster that showed the Dalai Lama saying “I am a Feminist.” and “Western Women will Save the World”. He was surrounded at the Peace Summit by women whose charitable and peacekeeping efforts were Nobel prize worthy, so his observation is no surprise, but it stunned us and at least for me, infused my life with a new sense of urgency.

The Western world is one where women have made enormous progress towards equality and already have the opportunity to help others on a global scale. But we can’t do that, I thought, if we’re bound up in these symptoms, funky relationships, brain fog and the like.

This filled me with a sense of purpose, and I re-dedicated myself to getting women’s midlife symptoms dealt with and launching them into fulfilling second adulthoods.


Bogged down in hot flashes, brain fog, or a life that has lost its sweetness?




Who The Heck am I to be Telling You Anything?


Well, I have degrees in education, psychotherapy and twenty five years as a psychotherapist working with a variety of clients. I’ve been deeply trained as a health advocate and change artist, seen the gamut of behavior people want to change, and have made it my life’s work to find the fastest, most deeply effective methods for people to make those changes easily.

I’m not only a researcher into motivation and success, but a transformative process creator and have created both comprehensive consciousness changing processes, like my ETHOS Method, but use the dozens of tools I have to hand to custom-craft the kind of symptoms relief and life change you want and deserve.

And most importantly, I’ve learned to consistently succeed where the odds have been a thousand to one against me, and I put that knowledge to work helping you do the same.

“Impossible” things like healing a broken back and years of paralysis to walk, dance and be fully functional again (read that story here) and ditching the excruciating pain that was keeping me literally bedridden and out of the flow of life.

Or like losing over 100 pounds that I’d gained while lying in bed, and keeping it off easily for years, never getting sick, getting a book published in a year publishers weren’t signing new authors…things like that.

In the process, I’ve learned a lot of extremely cool tools to roto-rooter through stubborn mental blockages, self-sabotage and ”yeah-buts”, plus even kick excruciating daily pain to the curb, permanently. I even learned how to change my own personal history and re-code former failures into stupendous successes.  You learn to do the same, with all the tools I”ll share with you.



Still have questions? Here’s Why You Want To Work With Me


Simply put, you don’t have time to waste. You need to get past your symptoms and crappy job or funky relationship/s right now, and you want to work with someone who has been to the mountain top and the depths of hell, come through it, thrived and knows the best ways to get you through it safely and happily.

I’ve created a program that shortcuts a lot of the learning and gets you relief fast, permanently in most cases, with tools you can use even when issues crop up at 3 in the morning. Plus you can teach these tools to your kids, family, friends, and everyone benefits.

Plus, you also want to work with someone who has deep experience creating transformative processes on the fly. That’s what I do in session with you, because…


Has “The Cliffhanger” ever happened to you?


You’re tooling along in a coaching session and and suddenly come up short, stopped by a limiting belief, personal blockage or something else that needs to be dealt with Right. Now. But your coach is either watching the clock or simply doesn’t have the skills to help you in the moment and leaves you, hanging…


Well, damn.


It’s happened to me, so I know how it feels. It’s also happened to clients who end up on my doorstep because they want to get the “cliffhanger” dealt with once and for all.

Instead of saying “see you next week, that’s all we have time for”, I’ll custom craft a unique and tailor-made solution for what you’re facing right there, in the session that uses your unique strengths and innate talents. It will also be something you can easily duplicate at home and because it’s built on what you naturally do best, it will be easy as pie to implement when you’re really in need of help.

I’ll never let you leave half-done, upset or out of phase. You’ll be good  to go by the time we end session, each and every  time. That’s a promise!


Trying to get to a “total turnaround” and just don’t know how to? I’ve got your back.


Facing the abyss where you’ve no alternative but to change or die trying? That’s a scary, lonely place, but you are NOT alone.

I’ve re-created myself many times, transforming the pain and debility of a broken back and paralysis, a miserable marriage to an alcoholic, growing and selling three successful businesses, both parents deaths, losing over a hundred pounds, and business retooling. It’s left me with a lot of tools and processes to get you where you want to be, smarter and faster.


If Reinvention is what you need, or a new life is what you crave…

I’ll help you to successfully transform your challenges into a joyous New You.

If you’d like to work with me on that, the first step is to click here: