Internet Radio

Internet Radio is very different than any other medium before it – even terrestrial radio. See old time radio shot out of a box and hit a certain geographic area.  They we had satellite radio and that could be delivered through a paid subscription to a group of listeners.  With the changes in technology, sound files better known as radio shows, can be delivered in a variety of ways.  You can stream them or play them on your phone, computer or tablet.  You can download them and listen to them or burn them to a disk into a player. You can email them and you can post them on a variety of websites.  Most importantly, if you know how to do it you can classify or index these shows in the search engines and social media so people looking for anything from anti-aging tips to Zappos shoe sales can bring up your show.

People can listen to your show from all over the globe.  Your shows can show up under you name in the search engines and give you instant credibility and a boost in your ratings with companies, sponsors, publishers and agents.  Need a boost? Internet Radio is instant.  Click and listen.

And listen they do! Millions listen through itunes on the treadmill. They listen at work, in the car, on long walks. As affordability of data packages continue its easier and easier for people to stream content through smart phones, tables and pcs.  Most authors, coaches and speakers are busying writing a blog with no idea that to SEO a word file is similar to a sound file and a photo file.  In an era where many don’t read, but will listen, isnt it time you got your self listened to so people can multitask and buy your product or hire you.
The choice is really up to you.  Want to use technology to your advantage.  Want to bust out on the internet in ways that traditionally were only for celebrities.  Get on board before the competition does because this won’t be possible forever – when other people start to figure out how to create their own celebrity status for the advancement of your business it will be time to do something else to stand out.