How it works

Step 1: We meet in person or via skype to determine if an Internet Based Media Strategy is right for you and your business.

Step 2: We set an operating budget.

Step 3: We create an internet brand strategy encompassing the current elements of your business as well as what needs to be created to support your sales, signups and leads.

Step 4: We choose together an ordination of action steps in a manner which respects your time, your budget and your vision.

Step 5: We execute. Our goal is entirely to produce income from your venture within 90 days.

Step 6: We watch the profits, manage expenses and outlay and strategically step forward monthly creating new profit arms and structures to support your internet based marketing and advertising.


Media begets Media. If you want to sell anything you have to be found and people have to know to look for you. The hardest thing is getting started because no one but your sister wants to bring you on their show for your first media appearance.  We create for you some media items so other media have the confidence to pick you up and we place all you need for booking right on your site. Sandra Beck