Health Tips

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Obesity is becoming a problem even for children these days, because of the lack of proper nutrition and regular exercise. A diet high in fast food and a schedule that revolves around the TV and video games only encourages a child to be out of shape.

Make exercise a family activity. Plan things to do as a family that you’ll all enjoy, such as biking or playing at the park.

If the family has a dog, encourage the children to walk him or her.

Limit your fast food and takeout meals, and foods like pizza and pasta. Make salads a part of dinner every night. Cut down on frying and investigate spice blends and other ingredients that will make healthy food flavorful and something your children will look forward to.

If your child needs medication or is under a doctor’s care for any reason, always follow their instructions carefully. Do not trust what you read on the internet, what your friends tell you, or even your own mother’s advice over your doctor’s. Remember, your doctor has gone through years and years of medical training and has had experience treating patients on top of that, so if you do want a second opinion, get it from another doctor, not anyone else.

Be sure you’re always taking proper precautions for any activity your child participates in. Make sure they have a helmet on when they go biking, skating, or skateboarding

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