Grocery Tips

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When buying vegetables and fruit, choose a variety of red, orange or dark green vegetables and fruit; they usually contain more nutrients than those with lighter colors.

Choose frozen vegetables as a convenient and economical alternative to fresh; they are just as nutritious, keep well and reduce chopping and preparation time. Go easy on frozen vegetables packed in sauce; they tend to be higher in fat.

Pre-washed and cut fresh vegetables (e.g. salad mix, mini carrots) are another solution to have vegetables ready in a flash although you pay a little more for the convenience.

When fresh fruit is not available (or too expensive) buy frozen fruit or canned fruit packed in juice or light syrup. Try unsweetened applesauce as a substitute for fresh apples.

Select leaner meats such as skinless chicken, turkey breast, pork tenderloin or chops, flank steaks, beef round roasts, lean or extra lean ground beef or pork; also, choose leaner deli meats such as turkey breast, chicken, roast beef, ham and pastrami.

Any “labor” or extra work that someone needs to add to your food is going to cost you, in other words, grated cheese is probably more expensive per pound than blocks, cut-up chickens are probably more expensive than whole fryers, and so on. Make a note of this difference in price and see if you can’t grate your own cheese at home or slice your own meats and so on.

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