General Childcare Tips

Double up on appointments whenever you can. When you’re taking your kids to the doctor or even to get a haircut, try to double-up. Get the haircuts done at the same time, but by different stylists at the same salon – this way you’re out of there in half an hour, rather than the two hours it takes to get each child done one after another. Schedule back-to-back appointments with the doctor and dentist.

Stagger wake-up times. Get the younger ones up first, since they need more individualized attention and help getting dressed and brushing their teeth and hair. Let the older ones get up a little later, and this way when everyone gets to the breakfast table, they will all be ready to eat.

Make sure your children are clear on routines, chores, schedule, and the like. They should know that, for example, they can watch one half-hour show after school to relax a bit, but the TV goes off at 4:00 and it’s time for homework. Their particular chores need to be done on a certain day or certain hour in the evening, on church night they’re expected to start getting ready at 6:30, and so on. Don’t leave it up to chance or assume that they know these things. Write out a calendar for each child with a list of their day’s activities.

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