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So we finally arrived at our destination.  I spent most of my travel time in the back seat writing blogs and reading emails that I had saved for the long drive. Since our place is six hours from our home, its too close to fly reasonable and too far to drive ever weekend.  Everyone said it was a smart investment and we should rent it out because of the distance, I have come to the conclusion that I want to keep it just for our family.

I know that means working extra hours to make the payments that a renter would make, but it means having a place to escape to when I need a break or need to just be with my family. Part of being a business owner and running a business out of my home means that my assistants come work with me in my home and that sometimes my home feels like my office…and I crave the privacy that a weekend place brings.  Unfortunately, I don’t make enough (yet) to afford a place closer to Los Angeles, but that will come soon. Or perhaps some day we will move to a place where we feel more at home.  What is great about running your own business and doing it virtually is that I can run my business from anywhere. I am not tied to any place, except for my kids, their friends and their school. I do miss one thing about being an executive and having an expense account.  Even though it was work, there was something magical about getting in a town car and rolling to the airport with coworkers – chatting on the flight together – checking into a really posh hotel only to order room service and fall into deep, uninterruped by little feet, slumber.   Though what is really funny, I had the opportunity recently to travel to a very nice convention.  I found myself having a nice time but really missing the little feet that find my back at night while we are sleeping. I missed the big blue eyes and brown eyes that peer at me upon waking as my boys wait by the side of my bed to get up as I pad downstairs to make breakfast and check my email.

 There really are pros and cons of both…I loved some of the things that I was afforded by working for Corporate America, and I really love some of the things that are afforded to me by running my own company from home. I guess its up to me to work both of those concepts into my own company.  Besides, that’s why I started this company in the first place — to try to create the best of both worlds.

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