Easter Sundae – A Perkins Family Tradition – By Nicole Perkins

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Let’s be honest. For kids, Easter Sunday is all about the candy. Sure there’s some discussions about religion, a cute outfit and something to do with eggs, but at the end of the day, the kids really only care about how much chocolate they are allowed to eat.

It’s really starting to blend in with Halloween to me, only with Christian instead of Pagan undertones. The minute a holiday rolls around and the grocery stores are filled with their bright displays, you try to explain what it’s all about – Valentine’s about love, Christmas about giving, not just receiving, Thanksgiving about being, well, thankful.

But for Easter, I find myself struggling to explain the concept of Jesus’ ressurrection to a two- and four-year-old. Sure there’s the Easter Bunny, but I just can’t get enough of a consensus on the story to tell it confidently. And the kids really don’t care, as long as it means candy in the morning.

So I succomb. I buy the bright baskets, fill it with the obnoxiously messy grass and let them stuf their already chubby cheeks with Peeps. (By the way, check out www.marshmallowpeeps.com for really cute recipes and crafts!)

But I do one thing differently – I have created the Easter Sundae. For me, my fondest memories are not about what I got on these occasions, but what we did as a family, every year, whenever a holiday came around. So since traditional Easter traditions are a little over their heads (nails and cross) or too vague for me to push it (“Where does the Easter Bunny live mom, with Santa?”), I created my own tradition.

We buy a gallon of vanilla ice cream, put it all in a big bowl, then proceed to dump, spray, sprinkle and drizzle anything and everything we can find that might go well on ice cream (it’s a great way to clean out all your toppings too!). And then we each grab a spoon and dig in until we all get sick. They may not know all the ins and outs of the Easter Bunny or the details of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, but they will hopefully remember the fun we had.

And that is our Easter Sundae!

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