Care Giver Checklist

Chances are, you’ll need a babysitter at one time or another. Some babysitters may need a bit less information or prepping, such as when dropping the kids off with your mom or a trusted neighbor. Some, however, do need a little more information before you head out. To make it easier for them to get in touch with you in case of an emergency, or to handle any emergency that may come their way, you may consider leaving with them a checklist that includes:

Where I’ll be:

Phone # there:

I’ll be back at:

If I can’t be reached, call



Important Information


This address:

Nearest cross-street:

Insurance: Policy #:

House Keys are:

Car Keys are:

Garage Remote:

About the Child(ren)

Name/s: Age/s:

Weight: Height:




Other Information:

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