Battle of the Working V Stay at Home Mommies!

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I want to state firmly that I do not endorse working from home, working in an office or being a professional home maker as a mother. It has to be a personal choice and the right choice for your and your family. It does often tickle me pink when I see a battle at a playground, not from the kids but from the mothers.  It usually goes something like this:“Hi, what do you do? I am an accountant.”
“I am a stay at home mom.”
Then the nasties start.   Working mom flaunts her expensive plastic nails and fancy cell phone. Stay at Home mom comments that “She is raising her children, not handing them over to someone else to raise.Working mom doesn’t clean her own home.Stay at home mom has lots of sex.Working mom has an expense account.Stay at home mom has a real sun-kissed tan. At this point I decide to jump in as the hybrid experimental freak of the group. I introduce myself. 

“I am a stay at home work from home mom. “   I smile in my own sloppy, messy hair,  chewed fingers and real tan from my pool kind of way. 


They both explode. 

 Another planet conquered. 

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