Judy Brizendine

Judy Brizendine

Judy Brizendine–author, blogger, and speaker–is a woman with a passionate mission that developed as a result of a tragic loss.  The statement, “Out of your deepest pain comes your greatest gift,” describes her experience.

In 1998, Judy’s husband of twenty-nine years died suddenly on a mountain bike ride, and her grief journey changed her life, perspective, and career.

Because she was painfully unprepared to face grief–just as most of us are–she is committed to easing your struggle to understand and deal with grief.

Her award-winning books, STUNNED by Grief and STUNNED by Grief Journal, gently guide you through the chaos and confusion of grief in a realistic, revealing, personal, and practical way.

Judy’s goal is to meet you wherever you are, and connect with you in such a way that you’ll know you can make it through this experience and discover a new sense of hope and direction.

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