Geraldine TeggeloveDr Geraldine Teggelove MSc.

Geraldine Teggelove has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, specialising in the area of Emotional Healing. She is a spiritual life coach, intuitive, International bestselling author and musician. Following a turbulent and harrowing journey of losing it all through financial disaster, to now living what she describes as her ‘perfect life’, Geraldine has become an expert in the 3 R’s – guiding others through a process of Re-defining, Re-inventing and Re-building a happy and successful life.Like the ancient alchemists, Geraldine discovered how to light that secret fire within, burning away everything that keeps us from living our dreams. She is now passionate about helping others to weave the same magic through all areas of their lives to create a transformation of happiness and success.Using the wisdom of Mother Nature as her guide, Geraldine will help you redefine and re-invent your life by discovering your very own unique gifts and talents, and the courage to live them. She then gives you the all important and necessary practical steps to re-build and create successful outcomes.Geraldine understands what it is like to live a life that brings no fulfillment, or stand in the ashes of a completely burnt out life, trying to figure out what to do next. She knows how easy it is to slip into depression, lose your self esteem, and hide from the world. The exciting news is that Geraldine is here to help you understand that it does not matter where you are right now, how overwhelmed you feel, or how impossible the task of turning your life around may seem … YOU CAN DO IT!

As a Metaphysician, Counselor and Healer: Geraldine has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and teaches easy, practical, everyday metaphysics – what it means, how it impacts your life, and the simple steps you can take every day to move towards your dream. Through her Individual mentoring, Intuitive Readings andWorkshops, Geraldine helps people find the answers they are searching for and realize their dreams.

As an Author: Geraldine has published…

As an Intuitive: Geraldine connects with the profound wisdom of Nature Spirits and, through her readings, provides her clients with valuable insights and the practical steps needed to overcome the everyday challenges and struggles of life.

As an International Radio Host: Geraldine hosts her own weekly Radio Show on the highly acclaimed Toginet network.

As a Singer/Songwriter: Geraldine has released three albums of inspirational Celtic music … Secret Places which is a guided meditation in song, as well as On Winds of Freedom and Wishes From My Heart … 2 albums of inspirational songs to assist your journey

As a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator: Geraldine shares the wisdom of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches. Her style is entertaining, humorous and inspiring. Her words relay a message of hope – in that no matter what your circumstances are, no matter how old you are, you can transform your situation into the life of your dreams. To book Geraldine click here.

Geraldine’s Story…

Geraldine had it all – or rather what others perceived to be ‘all’. She owned a huge, beautiful home, an award winning business, had lots of spending money, went on regular overseas holidays, and more. But deep down, she was still missing that elusive ‘something’, that vague feeling that there was more to life. And then disaster struck.

At an age when most people are thinking of retiring, or have already retired, Geraldine literally lost it all – complete and total financial meltdown. At fifty-seven, after a lifetime of achievement, she was completely broke and struggling to put food on the table. She felt totally demoralised, her sense of self worth lost. Bewildered and in shock by what had happened, she wondered how she was ever going to survive the next day, let alone the next few years and into retirement.

However, this story does have a happy ending! With the help of a metaphysical mentor, she reignited her passion for music and song writing, trained to become a Metaphysical mentor and counsellor herself, and then set about empowering others.

‘When you understand how life really works, you come to understand that everything happens for a reason; even if you do feel you are being pushed off the cliff against your will! Sometimes we have to learn big lessons to take that step and find what we’re really searching for.’ – Geraldine Teggelove. 


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